How to Backup App Data in Windows 8

Windows 8 does not give the clients an approach to backup the information used inside its applications. Rather, you need to depend on convoluted ventures to physically backup the application information. Windows 8 Apps Data Backup is a basic program that does not have to be introduced. Basically download it, load it up and you can start going down and restoring applications in Windows 8 in minutes.

How to Backup App Data in windows 8

There are considerable measures of reasons why you may need to backup application data in Windows 8. On the off chance that you uninstall an application, if an application gets to be degenerate or regardless of the possibility that you have to restore Windows 8, you will lose the information used in applications all the while. If you back them up in Windows 8 Apps Data Backup, you can rapidly restore your applications to the way you are accustomed to exploiting them consistently.

Instructions to Backup Application Information in Windows 8:

  1. Download the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup program.
  2. Double click the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup program.

A pop-up will let you know not to leave Windows 8 applications open or else you won’t have the capacity to backup the data from them.

  1. Click on “Backup.”

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup will populate with all your dynamic applications. You can then pick and pack what you need to backup by clicking the checkbox alongside every application. Remember that not all the applications stacked are ones you really have entry to in Windows 8. Some of them run out of sight to keep different applications and courses of action working legitimately.

  1. At the base, click “Backup Now” to begin the application backup process.

Of course, the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup project moves down application information as ZIP chronicles. This permits a lot of information to be compacted to spare space. This is particularly valuable in the event that you are sparing the backup on a removable commute or in the cloud. Click “Yes” to proceed.


You will need to choose a spot to spare the Windows 8 applications backup file. This can be spared anyplace on your PC or a removable drive. To spare it to the cloud, you will need to physically transfer the chronicle or spare it in your PC’s cloud index.

Contingent upon what number of applications you are moving down, this can take a couple of seconds to several minutes. At the point when completed, a pop-up will seem to tell you your back up is finished.

Instructions To Restore Backed Up Data:

  1. Whenever you need to restore an applications data, essentially click “Restore” located at the highest point of the main screen.
  1. Windows 8 Apps Data Backup will inquire as to whether the backup is a ZIP document. Click “Yes,” then explore to the backup.
  1. The length of the application is introduced in Windows 8 at the poibt of restore, you will have the capacity to choose it to restore the information from your backup. Select the applications you need to restore, and after that click “Restore Now.”
  1. You will be requested that affirm that you need to restore the application information. This will overwrite existing information for the application.
  1. The restore methodology will take somewhat more than the backup work, so let the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup project carry out its occupation. A popup will show up that the restore is finished.

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