How to Install Android M Preview on Google Nexus

With the announcement of Android M preview during the I/O 2015, it is time we took a look at how to install Android M preview. Google boasts of easily being the ‘owner’ of the most widely used mobile OS in the world.

The latest OS version has been just announced – on last Thursday. This means there is still far enough time left, before it becomes available for rollout. It is understood that the Android M will be available between July and September this year.

How to Install Android M Preview

Though there is time for the end-user version to roll out, the developers’ preview version has been made available.

The latest OS version isn’t yet available for the general users. So, it is strongly advised to not install this on the primary Android Smartphone you use. There are high chances that there may be a bug that still remains to be sorted out at the moment.

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However, in case you have any additional Nexus device, it is easy to learn how to install Android M preview. This will install the preview version on your device. And yes, don’t forget to backup your Android phone.


Why we spoke about having a Nexus device with you is because the Android M preview is at the moment available only on four Nexus gadgets, namely Google Nexus Player, Google Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

Steps on How to Install Android M Preview

Using the following steps, you can manually install the Android M preview after downloading it. Remember, you have to have either of the Nexus devices mentioned above.

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  • Download the Android Studio Preview from this link.
  • Install the same on your Windows PC. The link helps in installing Fastboot and ADB programs as well.
  • Now add the SDK folder to the path for which you may need to follow these steps:
  • Click on Properties by first right clicking on My Computer
  • Navigate to Advanced System Settings
  • Move on through System Properties => Advanced => Environment Variables
  • Select Path and click Edit. Key in the directory name of the installed SDK. A semi-colon separates each entry
  • Now navigate to Settings => About phone => Software Information. Here you enable the USB debugging on the phone
  • Now seven times tap the Build number
  • From there the next step is to move to Settings => Developer Options. Here tick the USB debugging.
  • Depending on which Nexus device you are using download the corresponding factory image. All the necessary links are provided below

Google Nexus Player

Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 9

  • Once the image is downloaded extract it on your PC
  • Using the USB port, connect your computer and Nexus
  • Start your Nexus in Fastboot mode. You will have to use a variety of key-combinations for doing this more easily.The ADB tool is also helpful in booting into fastboot. After powering the device on, execute adb reboot bootloader by going to the command terminal.In case you need, unlock the bootloader of the device with the help of your PC by executing fastboot oem unlock.

    The next steps in order to how to install Android M preview are:

  • Open command terminal and move to unzipped system image directory
  • Then, you will have to execute the flash-all.bat – a part of the unzipped image file
  • Google advices locking bootloader for more safety.

These steps should help you in how to install Android M preview on desired Nexus. You will then become eligible to get OTA updates on a monthly basis until the final version isn’t rolled out.

However, the advice will still be to wait as long as the OTA updates become available for your Nexus gadget.

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