How to Move Android Apps to SD Card?

One of the major concerns that people using Android handsets are facing is the question how to move Android apps to SD card. Since smartphone first made appearance on the screen one problem that people go through is the storage issue. Usually the Android phones come with a storage capacity of 32GB and out of this capacity half the space is preoccupied with the inbuilt apps and other things. Therefore, very less space is left for the other apps that an individual wishes to add to his handset.

How to Move Android Apps to SD Card

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This is a technology oriented world as is obvious at the first glance where solving any issue or flaw is not a big deal especially for the Research and Development oriented departments. Same is the case with this problem as well. Though Android phones have storage issues yet it provides a vent to deal with this situation anyhow. And when you face such issues where you fast run out of inbuilt storage, the microSD card comes in handy for you.

This solution comes in the form of a separate slot that is provided within the handset. These slots are nothing else but the space to insert a microSD card that is nothing else but a storage devise using which the storage capacity of the android phone can be increased without any doubt. And you get a reply to how to move Android apps to SD card.

The microSD cards come with different storage capacities. Some have a storage capacity of 32GB whereas others might have a capacity to store 64GB data. The price of the microSD card varies accordingly. 32GB card is available for $15 whereas 64GB card is available for $30. These are, of course, estimates only.

Do you know that many Android phones allow Android apps to SD card transfer? So, you can save on vital memory. Though, many of the Android handsets may not avail this. These days, games are pretty heavy and need a lot of space. Having such 2-3 games on the native storage, it becomes heavier for your phone to function too.

Many of the Android phones offer a facility to shift the apps from the native memory to the SD card inserted in the device. Though, some of the Android handsets may not avail this. Following are the steps to be followed in order to shift the Android Apps to SD card from the internal memory to the SD card.

  • Go to the settings on the handset and there you will find the settings menu.


  • Press the Application Manager option. Or you may just have the “Apps” option.


  • Choose the app that you want to move to the SD Card. In this illustration we chose to move the English dictionary app “English” to SD card/


  • Now tap on the option that says “Move to SD Card”. In case this option is not visible then you should feel sorry as that app cannot be moved, which is mostly the case with preloaded apps. If this option is not at all visible then your phone doesn’t support this facility.


  • You may also wish to move the app back to your phone memory. The option button is highlighted in the image below.


Overall, the storage is not that major an issue as it seems to be on the outlook, due to the presence of the micro SD cards. Apps can also be shifted back to the internal storage. So, you always get to control the storage on your own.



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