How to Reserve Free Windows 10 Upgrade Copy

As Microsoft announced the date for Windows 10 upgrade, you need to know how to reserve free Windows 10 upgrade. The Windows 10 version is slated to be released on July 29 – around eight weeks from now on.

How to Reserve Free Windows 10

The Windows 10, probably the last version of the popular Windows operating system, will be released on July 29. Microsoft had made an official announcement regarding the same. The catch is that the new OS will be free for the users of Windows 7.

In case you are a new user, unfortunately, you cannot get the Windows 10 copy for free. But, for the owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS, you get a chance to reserve your Windows 10 copy. And you can even download the same on July 29, which is the launch day of the OS.

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Are you still worried or curious to know how to reserve free Windows 10? Common, here is a simple guide that will tell you how.

For that, you will need to install the latest updates of Windows on your computer or laptop.


  • Press the key combination of Windows key and C => Settings => Change PC Settings
  • Click on Update and Recovery, which you should find to the left pane. Press Download / Install button, which will update your computer.



  • Type “update” in the search box after clicking the Start button. A list will appear, where you should find “Windows Update.” Alternatively, you can also navigate to “Windows Update” from Control Panel => System and Security.
  • There is a Check for updates to the left of the screen. It will start checking for updates, which may take some time. Select all the updates then click on Install updates.

You will now see the Get Widows 10 app installed. This app is your answer on how to reserve free Windows 10.


Now follow the following steps to reserve your Windows 10 copy

  • Click the icon in the system tray
  • Click “Reserve”
  • You may need to enter email id for confirmation. If you want, you can cancel the reservation by clicking on Cancel reservation button.

Windows 10 Last Version of the OS

According to Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft employee, there won’t be any new version of the operating system after the launch of Windows 10. As this is the last iteration of the OS, there will be lots of things to work on.

On the contrary, Microsoft will keep on dishing out updates instead of introducing a new version altogether.

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