HTC launches Fetch – the anti-theft device for HTC One Max

HTC has recently launched the phablet HTC One Max. To protect the device from theft, the company has come up with another device known as Fetch. The tracking device costs Rs. 2,500.

Fetch can show the locations of the handset on Google Maps. What’s more, it also gives an alert to the owner if he leaves the device behind them. The great thing about the device is that your device is virtually theft-proof with Fetch. To make things easier, it can have a wireless pairing with any of the HTC One series phones.HTC One Max1

As and when the owner of the phone crosses 10 meters without the phone with him, the device will ring and ring. It will also send an email that will show the location of the Smartphone on the Google Maps. The information was given by Faisal Siddiqui, who is the HTC India Country Head.

The tracking device was introduced in company with HTC Max One, the retail price of which is Rs. 51,490. However, there are some retailers who are offering the phone with an initial discount of almost Rs. 5,000. And to own the Fetch, the consumers will have to shell out Rs. 2,500 more.

The location of the phones through Fetch is detected with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System), Assisted GPS as well as mobile-tower triangulation. That is not all. The phone is secure for another reason. If the device is paired with Fetch, it will be virtually impossible stealing the phone as it will open only when it identifies the fingerprints of the owner.

Also unpairing the devices will also not be possible as it will need the fingerprints to match, which won’t happen in case of a theft.

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