HTC One mini has finally been officially confirmed

There have been various reports about the HTC One mini, which has been officially confirmed. There were various reports and specifications about the HTC One mini that is also known as M4. However, the company has published the User Agent Profile file.

The UA Prof files carry the specifications that are generally released by a company, though they are not exactly necessary. And now as the official document is out, its existence of the M4 is almost confirmed.
There aren’t too many specifications in details, but the most important thing is that it confirms the HTC One mini itself as well as the model number, which is PO581. As there are only a few specs available at the moment, the wait will continue for the more detailed and full specifications.

As of now, apart from the model number, we know the display, which will be 720p display. When there were rumors earlier that spoke of a 4.3” display when the resolution is taken into account, it suggests that there will be 342ppi.

The UA Prof shows that the max image resolution for MMS will be 2688 x 1520. The company has used this same max resolution for an image for the HTC UltraPixel camera. This points out that there could be the same module that’s used in the HTC One mini as well.

The mini will have a dual-core processor, though with lesser power. There will be 2GB of RAM along with 16GB of built-in memory. As far as the battery is concerned, there will be 1700mAh non-removable battery.
The launch of the HTC One mini is expected to materialize during the latter part of this year. There is the HTC event taking place on June 18 and it is likely that the company will come out with some announcement.

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