HTC Smartwatch: Another Delay in the Long-awaited Wearable

HTC Smartwatch is facing delay in its launch for quite a while now. What are the reasons? When will the HTC fans finally see the device in real?

HTC Smartwatch

Unfortunately for the HTC lovers the HTC smartwatch got delayed again. There was a speculation that it may get released within the first week of June, but again as the heart breaking tweet from Evan Blass reveals, the HTC Smartwatch is going to make people wait until fall. It has been now many times, at least 4 times that the potential customers were expecting the grand launch of the watch but then, the release of the watch got stalled. It was due in the month of back in September 2014, but owing to some problems the production seemed to stop.


Since then on HTC failed to launch the product until when they announced that the Smartwatch was unveiling in the first week of June – next month. But unfortunately this time too they have decided to postpone the release date. They have though promised to comeback with an upgraded HTC Smartwatch way before its release. They are adding modifications to the watch in many possible ways. They were initially to produce these watches with a square interface but now it is supposed to come 360×360 circular display. But then one cannot be too sure of their promises anymore. Maybe someday for sure they will actually release the watch.

We really do not know when the HTC Smartwatch will see the light of the day. But yes, we will let you know about this whenever we have any latest information about this. By the way, are you also waiting for this HTC Smartwatch? Do let us know your views by leaving your comments below. We would love to hear from you always.


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