HTC Vive Arcades to Hit China, Europe and the US

The Taiwanese company has announced HTC Vive Arcades in the US. Prior to this, HTC unveiled Viveland in Tapei, China that witnessed alliance with a number of internet cafes across the region.

HTC Vive Arcades


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The manufacturer is now considering malls and a number of theaters in the USA for making an alliance in this regard. HTC had revealed many arcade titles in the VR Developers conference that held in San Francisco around last week. The Brookhaven experiment has also gained its presence at the event. The same experiment aims to give game lovers a nightmarish zombie survival experience along with Everest VR.

HTC Viveport M platform is already under the process that aims to fulfill gamers’ Virtual Reality dream. Moreover, the manufacturer is willing to bring a large number of HTC Viveport Arcade by the end of the year in the United States.

The United Kingdom’s Game outlet has recently made their name in a controversy. The courted altercation involved the game outlet to charge extra from customers for a 10-minute session, which is considered the cheaper one. The game was played on the PlayStation VR. This sprightly indicates to the possibilities of a type of ‘try-before-you-buy’ customers who might be eagerly waiting.

HTC has its Vive costing around $800, which sums up to approximately a four digit figure. And considering the manufacturer’s cognizance that truly indicates arcades had been flourishing in the home when the experience that the arcades provided made no significant similarity.

But after the launch of gaming consoles and gaming PCs, arcades had lost their visibility somewhere. A sudden rise in other home technologies has grasped the arcades. HTC expects that new VR experience that obviously incurs a much-enhanced price could reproduce the magic of arcades. This has regenerated the same old method where gamers needed to pump the quarters into machines. And the gamers could feel the significant difference in experience between HTC Vive Arcades and console or PC gaming.


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