Huawei P9 Sells More Than 2.5 Million Devices Worldwide

Huawei P9 sales is making it big in the international market with the P9 and P9 Plus shipping 2.6 million devices all over the world. And it took just six weeks.


Huawei P9 Sells

Huawei P9 sells smartphone is definitely making it huge in the international market with over 2.6 million units of sales made in the last six weeks. The company has shipped over 2.6 million units of the P9 and P9 Plus which they had unveiled on April 6 this year. So it is definitely a surprise to see so many units of the phone being sold all over the world in such a short period of time.

Their last phone, the P8 had been termed a major success but now this particular model has surpassed the glory of the last phone as well. It has managed to sale 130% more than the previous model outside China. In France it there is a major growth of 1000% more than the P8. Next up is the sales in Finland and Poland that have rocketed up by 400%. It is quite terrific in the UK as well with around 300% more units being sold.

So it can easily be said that when the number of units are being considered, the Huawei P9 sells have been doing best in China, Poland, Finland and the UK. Thus, it is no surprise to see that this particular Chinese brand is the third largest smartphone selling organisation in the world today. The market is still dominated by the two other biggies – Apple and Samsung. So get your hands on this smartphone as soon as you can or it is bound to sell out.

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