Huawei’s Acquisition of Nokia Can Spell Doom for Windows Phone

Huawei launched the Ascend P6 in London – the thinnest Smartphone in the world, about which had informed you earlier. However, it is not only the question of launching a new device but in fact, there are talks about takeover as well.

There are reports that are making the rounds about Huawei eyeing to acquire Nokia – one of the prime mobile handset makers in the world. Richard Yu, who is the chairman of the consumer business group of the company, has said in an interview that Huawei is contemplating buying Nokia.

Mr. Richard Yu further added that the acquisition can materialize as it also depends on how willing Nokia is. Yu is of the opinion that the markets, especially the Smartphone market are going to consolidate when there are at least three-four big players.

There is no doubt that Huawei wants to be one such major company in the world. However, it could spell bad news for the Windows Phone platform as well as for Microsoft. Yu has termed the platform “weak” even as they have Ascend W1 – the Windows phone.

Windows Phone has a pretty small market share and therefore, how successful it will be, is a matter of the future. Yu further said that it wasn’t a good thing for the market, especially when Android is free.
He was probably hinting at the fact that if Huawei does actually acquire Nokia, the Windows Phone 8 gadgets could be easily sidelined.

There is no doubt that Nokia has always been an advocate of MS’s platform and that is why the achievements of the Lumia range are the pointers of the success of WP. A change in the relationship between Microsoft and Nokia might not go well with Microsoft and can even damage the company’s mobile business too. It has been more than two years that Nokia and Microsoft have come together.

The CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop has made it clear that they will be going with Microsoft and there aren’t any plans otherwise.

Even if Huawei is ready to acquire Nokia, they will have to get the affirmative answer from the Nokia board and the shareholders. Rather than the board, the shareholders might be easier to convince. It now remains to be seen what decision the Nokia board takes on the Huawei acquisition attempts.

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