HummingBad Malware: 85m Android devices Affected

One of the recently found malware, the HummingBad Malware is supposed to have infected a huge 85 million Android devices. How serious is the attack?

HummingBad Malware


A recently detected malware, known as HummingBad malware, has affected around 85 million Android devices. This Android based malware is being operated from China, reports say. Moreover, it has really raised money for the “organization” behind it which is around $1million from each quarter.

It was Check Point, a Security software and services company, which has stated that they were “spying” on the Yingmob  team for five months, relating themselves well-staffed, cultured and extremely profitable.

According to Check Point’s report, this gang in question has been operational along with an official advertising analytics company. And, of course, its tool, as usual was its HummingBad malware.

It has same appearance like the previous YiSpecter problem, the one that followed a lot of Apple users as well as the iOS settings, which has kept it unnoticed till now and has affected mostly users in China. According to Check Point, this shouldn’t be a coincidence, with the source being the same one. No wonder, the act may have pleased the gang.

According to Check Point who closely monitored HummingBad malware, says:

“Yingmob uses HummingBad to generate $300,000 a month in fraudulent ad revenue. This steady stream of cash, coupled with a focused organizational structure, proves that cyber criminals can easily become financially self-sufficient.”

You can read more about the matter on the Check Point blog here.


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