In-Display Finger Reader Not to Hit the Galaxy Note 9

In all probabilities, the in-display finger reader might not grace the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. But the same feature might show up in the Galaxy S10.

No In-Display Finger Reader for Galaxy Note 9

in-display finger reader

There are already devices that are offering the in-display finger reader technology. Actually, Vivo had unveiled the under display fingerprint reading technology quite a few months back. And a company like Samsung still does not seem to be ready for the same. This reminds me of the rear dual camera feature that the South Korean company had brought out way later than its competitors.

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If the reports regarding the device are anything to go by, the smartphone will sport a rear fingerprint scanner. This is the way most of the smartphones have the fingerprint readers these days. But don’t forget that Samsung has patented a pressure-sensitive fingerprint sensor in 2017.

According to one of the close sources regarding the issue:

There are advantages and disadvantages of both optical and capacitive or ultrasonic types, so I do not think there is any technology that can be commercialized right now.

Vivo X20 Plus UD With Under Display Fingerprint Tech

Vivo has already come up with the X20 Plus UD, that brings the fingerprint sensor under the phone’s display. That’s what the “UD” suggests. The X20 Plus UD comes with an OLED display. And it’s not only about the UD factor when it comes to the fingerprint technology. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is also one thing that’s being tested now. However, it’d be too premature to talk about this particular technology now.

Coming back to Samsung’s in-display finger reader, it is likely that the Galaxy S10 might have this instead. And if that’s true, then Samsung fans will surely have to wait a while before they taste this new feature on their handset.


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