In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Tech in This Lesser-Known Smartphone?

We have been hearing about the in-display fingerprint sensor from the middle of last year since the news of the iPhone X had started to creep up. But who wins the race to introduce this technology?

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

in-display fingerprint sensor
Evan Blass from Twitter

The in-display fingerprint sensor has been the talk of the town for a number of months now. It started when we had heard about the iPhone X in 2017. It was pretty much expected that the iPhone X would integrate the technology. However, Apple ran out of time and couldn’t place this technology in the anniversary edition. However, this facial recognition technology will come in the picture during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

In December last, it was rumored that the OnePlus 6 will come embedded with the in-display fingerprint sensor. Though OnePlus is capable of bringing out such a feature for its next flagship, let’s take this rumor with a pinch of salt. Apart from the probable who will be the first introduce this technology will be Huawei and Samsung.

in-display fingerprint sensor

Doogee V Wins the Race

However, it looks like the race has been won by a little-known name as compared to the big players mentioned above. We are talking about the Doogee V. Yes, the in-display fingerprint sensor is likely to be ushered in by Doogee V first. However, that all depends on which company launches their phones with this technology before the other.

But, the news comes from the ever-reliable Evan Blass. The upcoming phone from Doogee is likely to sport the fingerprint reader in its huge 6.2-inch screen.

This is no doubt going to create some ruffles in the camps of Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus, who are looking to introduce the same tech in their smartphones. So, when a company like Doogee brings the same in their smartphone, it will be a matter of curiosity among the smartphone buffs.

However, merely introducing an in-display fingerprint sensor doesn’t make you win the race. Analysists and competitors will closely monitor the performance for obvious reasons. The accuracy and speed will be the two most essential factors to look up to.

What are your views on the introduction of the technology from Doogee V? Put in your views in the comments section below.


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