In-traffic Reply pre-installed on Samsung smartphones sold in Netherlands

To keep a track of a user’s phone usage while driving, Samsung Netherlands has confirmed In-traffic reply pre-installed on all leading phones.

In-traffic reply pre-installed

In-traffic reply pre-installed
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Using a phone while driving is a big NO! Samsung Netherlands had unveiled a wonderful app named In-traffic reply some four months ago. The idea was simple; to make the drivers focus on the roads and not their cell phones while driving. And now, there will be In-traffic reply pre-installed for all Samsung users to avoid any nuisances. Also, know the ultimate specs of Samsung Galaxy 8 that will persuade you to enlist this gadget in your favorites’ list.

In a survey conducted by PanelWizard, it was found that nearly 33% of the people in Netherlands had engaged in using their cell phones at the time of driving. And, the reason behind risking their lives was mere social pressure. They say that the pressure was so intense that they could not afford to ignore somebody’s text messages or calls for a while. But now, the company has decided to pre-install this app on several phones including Galaxy Note S8 which will most probably get launched in September.

Before the app was available on Google Play Store for instant download, Samsung had rolled out in beta. With In-traffic Reply app, the user on the other end will automatically receive a recorded message such as ‘I’m in the traffic, so I won’t be able to respond at this time.’

Not only the Samsung’s new smartphones, the app will make its way to the current Samsung devices too. The existing users will receive an alert when the app will be available for installation. Thankfully, the company has made this In-traffic Reply pre-installed on several devices such as Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy A, Galaxy S7and Galaxy J series.


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