Inbox by Gmail Now Gives Users RTF Options

Inbox by Gmail now has some more features that will make users write mails more efficiently and precisely due to the formatting options. It’s rich text formatting, by the way.

Inbox by Gmail

Indeed Gmail has always helped the users through their apps catering to a variety of fields. Recently Gmail has provided its mobile app Inbox by Gmail with an update annexing a few new features to it. Many inherited features are provided by Gmail to this web app in last couple of years or so. Thus it’s on par with Android and iOS in regards to its key functionalities. In its recent update, which is relatively small, abundant of text formatting options are added to the web version of the Google app as well.

Though the use of this app has increased many users still find using a real keyboard and mouse easier for formatting text. From now onwards users of Inbox by Gmail will get a panel to select different fonts with variety of text colors and text sizes in spite of its previously present only italicize, underline and bold options. This panel will be at the bottom of the compose window.


Until now Gmail has provided us with only 11 font types and 4 font sizes. Background color changing feature for highlighting text is yet to appear (though it is already available for most of the users by now). Only text color can be changed till now. These formatting options are always displayed on the bar and luckily for the users, they don’t need any button to press for opening this new toolbar.

Inbox’s March consisted of the most awaited “Smart Reply” feature which was included earlier. Newsletter summarizing tool and Chrome extension for saving a link for future reading are the recent major updates by Gmail. These new rich texting update is all available today.

Today’s rich text formatting in Inbox by Gmail update should be live for all users.


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