Independent India’s First Stamp on Google Doodle

Independent India’s first stamp has featured on Google Doodle. The occasion was the Independence Day of India. As India celebrated the 68th Independence Day, the stamp was seen on the homepage of Google India.

About Independent India’s First Stamp

Independent India’s first stamp was issued way back on 21 November 1947 – just over three months after India got independent on 15 August that year. The stamp shows the tricolor proudly flying high at the backdrop of clouds. The slogan Jai Hind is seen to the top right corner. The meaning of Jai Hind is Long Live India.

The stamp with a blue background had a value of three and half annas (which is about 22 paise or Rs. 0.22 in today’s valuation.)

Independent India’s first stamp

India’s Postal History

Indian postal history dates back long, even before the Europeans arrived here. The postal system was developed for government as well as military communication. The Indian postal system co-existed with that of the European and Britishers. There were many independent states in India then.

In fact, it was during the blooming days of the East India Company that the Indian postal system started finding roots. This all led to making way for independent India’s first stamp.

It was in 1837 that the Indian Post Office was established. Scinde Dawk was the first adhesive stamp of Asia. It was 15 years later, in 1852, the credit for which goes to Sir Bartle Frere. Indian Post then spread out other parts of the country. The parts that had Indian Post connection was Burma as well as the regions under the control of the East India Company.

Independent India’s first stamp has other memories too. The postman here is a typical helpful fellow, who not only delivers the mails far and wide, but also reads the contents of the mails. On some occasions, he even writes mails for the illiterate people.

Once India attained independence in 1947, the Indian Post was at its zenith as letters were delivered to the remotest parts of the country.

Independent India’s first stamp is indeed something to feel proud of for the Indians all over the world. It is something that will be cherished always!

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