India Slow Broadband Speed; Google Optimizes Search Results

India has one of the slowest broadband speed in Asia, a study shows. It is reported that the speed in India is even less than half of what the average speed in the world is. India is actually one of the biggest consumers of internet and the number of mobile users is also on the rise. No wonder, India is a big market for both handsets and data consumption.

Broadband Speed

According to the report by a website, the average speed in India is a mere 2Mbps. On the other hand, the average speed in the world is 4.6Mbps. The average highest speed globally is 25.4Mbps, while in India, it is just 14.4Mbps.

South Korea has the luxury of using one of the highest internet broadband speed in the world. There are around 78% of users who have such a high speed. Compared to India, there is only about 1.2% of subscribers who get the comfort of broadband speed in excess of 10Mbps.

More Comparison

There is more comparison between India and South Korea. 95% of subscribers there have speed in excess of 4Mbps, while in India only 7.2% of people get this speed.

Slow Connections For Mobile Connectivity Too

It is not only about internet connectivity. India falls behind in mobile connectivity as well. Two Asian countries, if compared show the same disparity. India and Japan have speeds of 1.4Mbps and 5.7Mbps respectively. However, it is Australia who has the best speed with 11Mbps.


Google India Optimizes Search Results

Taking into account the slow connection speeds in India, Google announced that it will roll out streamlined version of the SERPs for India. Google wants to address the problems of slow internet wireless connections to get better and quick results.

Google has made an announcement on the official India blog. The post is titled ‘Announcing fast access for mobile users’. Google has said that it believes in the idea that the available information should be accessible and available to everyone.

Changes That Google Has Incorporated

Google has said that when a user connects with a wireless device, it will detect automatically if a user has a slow internet connection. It will then make available a compressed version. To make search fast for non broadband speed, images as well as maps will be left out of the result pages. They will be included only if the results so demand.

The blog post speaks of the increasing usage of internet through mobiles gadgets that include Smartphones and tablets. But not all devices go with low-priced connections.

Google’s Priority to India

Google has said that they are giving a lot emphasis to India regarding the introduction to the low broadband speed. The mega search giant even pointed out that India is on the priority list of Google as they have introduced the Android One in India first.

Google has said that the concept of Android One was developed keeping in mind India. The Android One handsets are the devices that are low-cost gadgets and approved by Google. The promise is faster updates and also access to Google’s services.

Micromax is one of the companies that will introduce Android One handsets in India. More handsets will make their appearance in the Indian market gradually.

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