Indians Are Poor Comment Results In #BoycottSnapChat Campaign, Snapdeal Caught In The Crossfire

The alleged comment by SnapChat’s CEO has resulted in a complete backlash by the Indian Users. From uninstalling the app to leaving negative reviews, users are resorting to all means.

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It was a sudden turn of events for the SnapChat app in India after recent reports revealed that the company’s CEO Evan Spiegel has allegedly said that countries like India and Spain are “too poor for expansion.” The supposed comment made by Snap Inc. CEO in 2015 went viral on the internet, and various users in India were greatly offended for being called a “poor country.”

The Anti-SnapChat Campaign In India

For the past two days, various social media campaigns such as #boycottSnapchat #UninstallSnapchat are trending in India. A huge number of SnapChat users in India have not only uninstalled the messaging app but also given it a “1-Star” rating in the App Store and Google Play store along with reviews of expressing fury against CEO Spiegel for such a comment.

The Law Suit With Ex-Employee

American magazine Variety released a recent report that discussed how SnapChat dismissed an ex-employee’s allegations on the company’s slow growth in 2015. According to reports, a furious ex-employee named Pompliano, who was fired from the company due to his poor performance filed a lawsuit stating that the company was falsely projecting its metrics to advertisers. While the company has been handling this lawsuit since then and has been trying to solve the issue through arbitration, the recent report about CEO Spiegel’s comment has created a huge setback for the company in the Indian market.

Did Spiegel Actually Make The Comment?

However, reports also suggest that it is yet to be known if CEO Spiegel indeed made such a comment or not. Also, according to recent reports, a spokesperson from Snap Inc has communicated via e-mail that it was ridiculous to think that the app is for rich and the app has always been available for free across the globe. He also clarified that it was a hoax created by a “disgruntled former employee” and that the company has always been grateful for the support from the Indian market.

In all this fury, Snapdeal, a popular e-commerce app, has become an unintentional victim as a number of users uninstalled their app instead of Snap Chat.


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