India surveillance program to keep watch on emails and phone calls

It is the turn of an India surveillance program that has been launched in which the security agencies and also the officials from the income tax can directly tap the emails and even phone calls. The key thing is that this can be done with the supervision of a court.

The step is being taken to safeguard the national security according to the Indian Government. This comes close after a wide-ranging digital data was snooped in the US. The US administration had also claimed that it was being done for their national security as well.

The Central Monitoring System, known as the CMS was introduced a couple of years ago. However, there hasn’t been any public debate about the same. As far as India is concerned, it needs to come out clean about what the data will be used for and how long it will be kept.

The statement has come from Cynthia Wong, who is the Internet researcher at Human Rights Watch in New York. On parallel lines to this statement, it is important to note that the Indian Government hasn’t come out with anything stating how the data will be used and to make it sure that the system remains clean and free of abuse.

From the month of April 2013, the government started rolling out the system. The system will cover the entire bunch of mobile, fixed wire phone and internet users. It is estimated to be around 900 million and 120 million users respectively.

The officials are of the view that doing so would put a limit on the effectiveness of the program.

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