India and Turkey top the list of duplicate and false Facebook accounts

Facebook is the biggest of the social networking sites. No wonder many bad elements try to take disadvantage of this. India and Turkey, it is understood top the list of duplicate and false Facebook accounts.

If the figures in the reports are anything to go by, there are at least 143.3 million such accounts with Facebook that may either be false or duplicate. India and Turkey are the leading countries where such accounts emerge from.Facebook

There are an estimated 1.19 billion Facebook account holders in the world. US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has said that there are around 7.9 per cent duplicate accounts and around 1.2 per cent are such tagged as being user-misclassified and ‘un-desirable’.

Facebook also joined the voice and said that either duplicate or false accounts are considerably lower in developed countries that include the US and the UK. Facebook also added that the numbers are higher in developing countries like India and Turkey. Duplicate accounts are those accounts that are/is maintained by a user who already has his primary account.

According to the official numbers by Facebook, the monthly active users on Facebook are 1.19 billion as of the end of the past month.

The monthly active users or MAUs in short, are those users who have registered with Facebook, log in to their accounts either with a PC or a mobile and share contents with their families, friends or their connections. This happens via third-party web site, which is integrated with the social web site in the past30 days.

As far as the revenue goes, Facebook registered a 60% rise in the consolidated revenue at $2.02 US for the quarter ended on September 30. In the last year the revenues stood at USD 1.26 billion. The increase is primarily due to the rise in the mobile revenue arm.

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