The first Indian acquisition by Facebook: Bangalore-based Little Eye Labs

There were already some talks about Facebook acquiring the Bangalore-based Little Eye Labs. The startup based in Bangalore develops mobile app analysis tools for the sake of application developers as well as testers. It has been announced today, Wednesday, January 8 that the acquisition has now been completed.

Now, the team of the Little Eye Labs will work alongside Facebook. This will help in development of mobile apps. That will also help in giving it a new level of performance.Facebook Little Eye Labs

“This is Facebook’s first acquisition of an Indian company, and we are happy to become part of such an incredible team” declared the startup in an ecstatic mood as they found themselves over the moon. There is no doubt that it is a matter of pride to team up with an organization like Facebook.

And now after the acquisition, the whole of the Little Eye Labs team will be moving to the Menlo Park in the United States. And this is from where they will be working with Facebook to deliver an infrastructure that will be easily termed as world class. The Indian startup had released their official version of the analysis tool for the Android OS in the month of April last year, making it the first of its kind.

A free version of the Little Eye will also meet the customers that have been promised by June 30 this year.

Who are behind Little Eye Labs?

It was less than two years ago that the company was founded. It was in the month of May 2012 that Giridhar Murthy, Kumar Rangarajan, Satyam Kandula, and Lakshman Kakkirala came together and Little Eye Labs came into existence. Giridhar Murthy is a former employee of Apple, while Rangarajan has shown his expertise with HP and IBM.

Kandula is an alumni from IIT Kharagpur, while Kakkirala , like Rangarajan has also worked with IBM as well as Yahoo.

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