Indian Grandpa Sells Grandson on Facebook; Arrested

Who could have imagined how one could use Facebook for – selling one’s own blood! But well yes, that’s true. Facebook had become an unfortunate destination to strike a deal to sell of a newborn for some petty cash. The said deal is said to have take place in Punjab state of India.
An arrest was made on Wednesday by the police when the 47-year old man sold off the newborn son of his daughter to a businessman. The deal in question was struck for Rs. 45,000, which is somewhere in the region of $825 to $830. The man is recognized to be one Feroz Khan.

Khan, who lives in Ludhiana city of Punjab, had reportedly kidnapped his grandson soon after his birth. A couple of provisional employees were also involved in the kidnapping.
In swift developments the police were able to arrest all the three people involved in kidnapping the baby boy. The police are also likely to interrogate the businessman very soon who was ready to buy the child. In case they are proven guilty, they will have face seven years in jail.
Noori Khan, the mother of the baby in question, who is a divorcee, has lodged a complaint against her father, Feroz Khan. Luckily the mother and the baby have met once again and are safe and sound.


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