Indian student develops a Smartphone app for detecting breast cancer

An Indian student has developed a Smartphone app for detecting breast cancer in early stages. Sanjay Sreekumar, who is currently studying in Australia, is a software engineering undergraduate from Australian National University.

Sanjay Sreekumar has been working on developing this app that can have a lot of impact in the world of medicine, especially cancer. As far as the cancer disease is concerned, this is the most commonly found cancers of all. That’s not all breast cancer also proves to be one of the leading reasons for deaths in women around the world.Breast Cancer Developer

The conclusions were reached at after a survey that was conducted by Tata Memorial Hospital.

The study also reveals startling facts like one out of 28 women running the risk of developing breast cancer in her life.
Sanjay Sreekumar comes from Kochi, a south Indian city. He has developed the app for The Young Adults Programme (YAP) – an organization that works for awareness in breast cancer.

According to the reports regarding the app, it looks like it can be downloaded for various platforms. However, the app still doesn’t feature in prominent app stores like Apple App store or Google Play Store.

The app helps in monitoring the early signs of cancer. The app can also help in determining if the person requires further medication or not. This can be done by putting in the data of the monthly irregularities detected in breasts.

The app indeed has a very huge potential in the future. The app can help even men in this regard as there is no gender discrimination in breast cancer. Also, there is no specific age limit to breast cancer. So this app can help all kind of people.

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