India’s first 4G on mobile from Airtel launched in Bangalore

Airtel has launched India’s first 4G on mobile from the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore. The iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S customers will now be able access the 4G services in India.

The users of these handsets will be able to use the services because the Apple devices support the 2300MHz TD-LTE band. However, there are other handsets that have the same support as the 2300MHz TD-LTE band are Huawei’s Ascend P1 LTE. So, the users who use this mobile handset can also use the service.

However, the Indian market doesn’t have many such handsets that support these bands as used by Airtel. So, indirectly this service remains exclusively for the Apple products.

Airtel has said that the customers who are currently using the 3G services will also be able to use the 4G internet speed and that too at the same rates. However, the only thing the subscribers – 2G and 3G subscribers – will have to do is upgrade the SIM card to 4G.

Wherever possible and depending on the network, the browsing will be on 4G networks, while the voice calls will be on 2G/ or 3G networks. Apart from this, Airtel also came up with an announcement of the launch of a brand new 4G plan, especially for the deep data users, that gives customers 4G data 10GB for a charge of Rs. 1,000.

It must be mentioned that Airtel had first launched the first 4G network in India back in April 2012. The service was introduced in Kolkata. The service was later brought in the cities like Pune and Bangalore.

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