In Indonesia Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with improved features

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Indonesia is still fresh. It is an effort of the company to it make to the world of 8” screens. However, to stamp their authority, the company is coming up with features that are innovative and novel. The features are indeed exciting and worth taking a look at.

Just have a look at the design and size of the gadget. It is both big and small considering the perspective we look at it. They are sufficiently big if you want to read the text in a laid-back position. At the same time, the size is small enough to allow you to hold the Note 8 in one hand.

With both positions being comfortable, it’s easy and a breeze ‘playing’ with images, video, and text. Another upside of the device is the Multi-screen display for multi-tasking. The S Pen is another exciting feature of this device.

The gadget that runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean brings with it the stylus technology. Just hover the S Pen over the screen and you will be served with a variety of previews like that of videos and emails. The S Pen is indeed fun as it allows you freehand drawing, choose from a variety of colors as well as types.

This gadget comes with around 47 pre-installed apps that include the Polaris Office and document writer. The benefit of having an app like the Polaris Office doesn’t need you to have another add-on app, which might come at a certain cost at times.

The phone could have certainly fared better without the plastic body. Another downside of the phone is that clicking photos in horizontal is a bit hard due to the buttons and the placement of the camera.

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