Infinity Display for Galaxy Note 8 one of the many fascinating features: leak

A recent leak about Galaxy Note 8 has disclosed a lot more details about this classy phablet. Along with several other revelations, its Infinity Display for Galaxy Note 8 is gaining much attention.

Infinity Display for Galaxy Note 8

Infinity Display for Galaxy Note 8
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The leak for Galaxy Note 8 has been made by a Twitter account named PoyocoTech. It informs users about the fresh leaks and updates of technical stuff. However, nobody knows what sort of source it is. Time will tell what the real identity of PoyocoTech is, but there are many interesting features that this leak has for the tech-users. Due to several bursting incidents of Galaxy Note 7 before, Samsung will be relying on LG for Galaxy Note 8’s batteries. The Bixby Button, uniformly designed ports, S Pen, and Infinity Display for Galaxy Note 8 are some of the more exciting features which are making this next generation phablet a real temptation.

Uniformly aligned ports

If we believe the leaker’s reports, Samsung will strive to achieve perfection for Galaxy Note 8 with its uniformly aligned ports.

Rear Camera

As per PoyocoTech, the inspiration behind its dual rear camera will be Galaxy Note 3. Further, the smartphone will be accompanied by stereo speakers, offering groovy AKG sound.

S Pen

S Pen will be built on same grounds, on which stylus of Note 7 was designed. It will also sport an inbuilt vibration motor. With its Find My Mobile app, a user can manage tracking his or her lost mobile in a fuss-free manner.

The Bixby button of Galaxy Note 8 will have a fine-textured surface too. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, but we hope that every fact related to Infinity Display for Galaxy Note 8, S Pen, and dual rear camera set up proves to be true.


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