Innovative Gadgets India: Gadgets Help Prevent Disasters

Lots of innovative gadgets India are here to make life easier. Apart from that, we all know there are a range of gadgets that are indeed helpful to all human beings. No wonder, today’s smart gadgets are here to stay, with more innovations in the coming days.

Innovative Gadgets India

We talk here about five such gadgets that help prevent disasters, be it on the roads or for your own safety.

Car Dashboard Video Recorder

These days, video recorders for cars have become the need of the hour considering the crimes taking place around. The best part of the device is that it allows you to record everything in real time.


There is the rotatable LCD in high definition (HD) that’s available in 120 degrees wide viewing angle. The USP of the gadget is that there is infrared night vision mode as well. The display is available on 2.5-inch TFT screen.

The device is indeed helpful to keep a watch on robberies or unfortunate incidents like accidents. This is one of the best innovative gadgets India.

Rediff Price: Rs. 1426

Personal Alcohol Tester

Drink-and-drive is a legal crime in India. That’s why it is vital to know how much you have consumed before you start off. As a matter of fact, there is a permissible limit that determines if you are in a good state of mind and body to drive.

In case you are caught with higher drinking limits, you will not only attract heavy penalties, but also likely to serve a term in jail. And who wants either of this? So, this is when the personal alcohol tester comes in the picture.

It will be safe to test your alcohol levels before you sit behind the steering wheel. If the levels are higher, you will be warned accordingly. So, either hire a driver or a cab. Such innovative gadgets India will certainly help you out.

Rediff Price: Rs. 655

Nap Zapper Alarm

Come on, we once again take a look at a device that’s your friend on the go – the Nap Zapper alarm. Now, why it is one of the best innovative gadgets India because, it’s always there to alert you when you are driving, but feeling drowsy.

You can call it an anti-drowsing alarm. It wakes you up when you are just about to fall asleep. Now how does this work? So, this is how. If the driver’s head nods more than a predetermined angle, the alarm, as it should work, makes a sound big enough to wake the person up.

The alarm is small enough and can be put on behind the ear. The Nap Zapper is useful for other people like security guards as well. And yes, it’s handy for students too during the exam period when they are taking extra efforts on their studies.

Rediff Price: Rs. 399

Money Detector/Magnifier

Financial frauds aren’t new to society. There have been instances even when bank accounts have been compromised. Apart from that, it’s feared there are hundreds of thousands of fake currency notes in the market.


So, here’s the money detector/magnifier that comes for your help. The device is more or less the shape of a visiting card. The device has a UV (ultra violet) light that makes out fake notes. Now, isn’t that helpful if you have to carry out transactions on a daily basis?

There’s built-in LED light in the device, which helps you understand the real note from the fake ones even if there is darkness around you. So, there’s no way to fool you.

Rediff Price: Rs. 495

Food Thermometer

As a thermometer would normally check body temperature, the food thermometer, as the name suggests, checks the temperature of the food you are going to consume. It is vital that the food intake is at the right temperature and this is where the food thermometer comes in the picture.


This innovate gadgets India helps determine the temperature is within limits of the dish you are going to eat. Actually, it’s important to consume food that is not only in the correct temperature, but also rightly cooked.

According to experts, you should cook the food at the temperatures, which is greater than 60º C, if you are cooking on a stove and 74º C on a microwave.

Rediff Price: Rs. 499


Innovative gadgets India are here to help you prevent possible disasters that may bring you in trouble. Using these gadgets is more likely to take care of you and look after your safety.

Put in your list of innovative gadgets India that are not only helpful, but also serve us all.

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