Instagram Messaging App Bolt Unveiled against Snapchat

The Instagram messaging app Bolt has been unveiled in an attempt to take on Snapchat. Bolt will make it easier for sending and receiving visuals in various forms like images and videos.

Instagram messaging App Bolt

With the help of Bolt, you can send an image with just one tap. And if you wish to send a video, just long press it. And if you wish to cancel sending your item, just shake the phone or even swiping the video of picture away also helps.

And why are we comparing it to Snapchat? Well, even Bolt, like Snapchat makes the picture or video disappear as it’s sent. However, as a recipient, you will still be able to reply on it.

Snapchat is the first to be of its kinds to launch an app that will delete the images that are sent through it. This gave encouragement to send and receive adult content. And that’s why, it was one of the dangerous apps for kids. The concept was acknowledged by other companies too. One of the prominent of them is Instagram, who was taken over by Facebook recently.

Instagram messaging app Bolt

Facebook also had launched Slingshot app the previous month. Facebook wasn’t the only one to have Instagram use this feature. Even Tinder, a dating app also had introduced the photo disappearing feature. The feature was recognized as Moments.

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Recently, Yahoo purchased Blink, another ephemeral messaging app. However, they haven’t yet introduced their own offering.

More about Bolt

Though Bolt has been introduced, it is currently available only in South Africa, New Zealand and Singapore. So, is the app available for India? If you were to search the Instagram messaging app Bolt for the Indian region, you will find that it is listed on both App Store and Google Play.

However, the error on Google Play says “Incompatible with all of your devices.” This means, the Instagram messaging app Bolt is currently not available for India.

An Instagram spokesman commented: “We are going to other regions soon, but are starting with a handful of countries to make sure we can scale the experience.”

With Instagram messaging app Bolt, send one message to your friend at a time. Bolt, also allows you to add text to your picture and video. So, you can send personalized messages too. The features of Bolt also include the ability to shoot and send photos instantly and that too with just a single tap. You can also add 20 favorites from your contact.

With various features, this free Instagram messaging app Bolt will be eagerly awaited.

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