Instagram Offline Launched, Instagramers Be Ready To Be Amazed!

Facebook recently announced a new feature “Instagram Offline” enabling the offline use. This move will benefit users in countries with limited internet connectivity.

Instagram Offline

Instagram Offline
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Facebook held its F8 annual global developer conference on April 18 and 19, 2017. The company at the conference announced that Android users would now be able to access the company’s Instagram social app in offline mode as well. The new Android update adds offline functionality to Instagram. Recent reports also reveal that the feature may soon come to the iOS as well.

 No Internet? Post Photos & Comment With Instagram Offline

The Instagram offline mode not only allows users to save drafts or queue up photos on the top but also do everything that a user would do in the online mode. Users are already able to queue up photos and save drafts in their Instagram accounts at times of low internet connectivity. Now, the new offline functionality will allow users to do everything about their Instagram page even when there is no internet connectivity.

 Use Instagram Offline Like You Are Online

The offline mode saves all the user updates and whenever the phone gets connected to the internet the next time, it automatically will go back to the history and perform those pending actions. Users can now like, comment, follow/unfollow accounts approve requests and do any Insta update without having to wait to connect to the internet.

 No More Blank Instagram Screens @ Bad Internet Conditions

Apart from these the offline functionality will cache most often viewed profiles and the explore tab in the background during internet connectivity. So, when users open the app while there is no or bad connection, they do not have to stare at a blank screen but some cool pictures of the people they follow regularly. This makes the Instagram app more usable even for people in countries with lower bandwidth internet connectivity and at times of unreliable or limited internet connections.


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