Instagram Shopping: A New Mobile Shopping Experience

Instagram shopping is the all new way to make purchases online. The experience will be amazing for users on Instagram. This is an easy new extension provided to the keen customers.

Instagram Shopping


Instagram has already composed its name in the mobile app world. You can search numerous topics over there. And now the app is partially entering into the shopping space. Actually, It plans to deliver an easier shopping experience to the customers.

In its blog post, Instagram says that it will give customers an opportunity to check the product and its later information in detail. The system is said to get start from the next week. Instagram writes that most mobile shopping experience doesn’t allow customers to know more information about a specific product.

As of now, the new feature, Instagram shopping will be made available to a few iOS device owners in the United States. The mobile shopping experience will enhance itself with time and include product recommendations. There will be a varied way of products display to the Instagrammers. The future features will also bring an ability to the shoppers so that they could save the content as it is and then later take a look at it.

Instagram further proceeds in its blog with an internal survey report. It portrays that most of the bigger shopping are done in a day or even moves to more days. Only “21 percent purchases” are made in a day, it writes.

As far as Instagram shopping is concerned,Instagram has included 20 US brands who will share posts that will guide us to get a detailed working structure of this new shopping experience. The popular retail brands Kate Spade, Warby Parker, and JackThreads are also among the names. These posts will contain a ‘tap to view’ icon that is placed at the bottom left of the Instagram picture. When you tap on that button, a tag appears on the different products in the post.

This will display up to five products along with their prices. Now you have to select a tag, which further brings a more detailed view of the product. This is where the customer needs to tap “Shop Now” link. This carries the shopper to the product page of the business website, making life easier thanks to Instagram shopping.


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