Intel 4G Haswell powered processors make their way to India

The Intel 4G Haswell powered processors have made their way to Indian markets. These processors have replaced the well-admired Ivy Bridge processors that that are used in laptops and desktops.

The new Intel 4 Haswell processors aren’t anything exciting to go with. They are merely an incremental upgrade. But yes, it should be mentioned that these processors are power saving processors. This hardware boasts of saving at least 50% of battery time as against the older versions.intel_1372324681_540x540
Intel says that these processors can provide battery life of up to 9 hours in superior quality Ultrabooks.

Apart from the increase in the life of the battery the latest processors from Intel promise improved graphics presentation.
These processors can best suit the game lovers who are looking for more excitement through quality graphics. These Intel chips are available in GT3 graphics configuration and do not fall behind even the dedicated mobile graphics cards.

However, the laptops powered by AMD and Nvidia are still ahead and the Intel chips fall behind.
According to the company, these chips developed by the company are the most efficient when it comes to power management. These chips are the best in the history of Intel when it comes to gaining battery life.
Intel is planning to have new processors for laptops with a price tag of around Rs. 30,000 and above. Devices built with Intel chips will start selling in India probably in two months time. Intel will also be selling boxed Haswell processors as well for those consumers who like to assemble their systems on their own.

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