Intel to have $200 Android notebooks shortly

Users might soon be in for something new as Notebooks powered by Intel might soon be a reality. And what’s more, the gadget is expected to be priced at only $200. The details were brought out by Dadi Perlmutter, who is the executive vice president and chief product officer of Intel.
The devices are expected to be designed with Intel’s Atom mobile processors and will mostly be powered by Android. Apart from this, there are no more details available at the moment, as to how the notebook will look or what the features and specifications will be.
The CEO of Intel Paul Otellini had last week revealed that there would be touchscreen PCs that would also be available for $200 as well. Those would be the low priced touchscreen PCs. The next few months would be important as it is this period when these PCs would be launched.
But details about these gadgets too have been unknown such as the OS that would be used, etc. But the Windows 8 carry the touchscreen PCs that is why it is expected that the new devices might have Windows 8. But Dadi Perlmutter said that the low price of the device depends on Microsoft. The price tag also has a say from Microsoft as the price of Windows 8 laptops also depends on them.

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