International money transfer easier with Xoom Money Transfer App

Customers on Xoom will now be able to carry out international money transfer with Xoom Money Transfer App. With Xoom, the money transfer can be carried out digitally and at a fast pace. The money transfer provider said that the new Xoom app is simple to use and that’s why is unique.

The app allows the customers to send the money in a fast yet simple way. The app is based on one tap and one swipe procedure. This allows speedy transfer through the technique recognized as slide-to-send.XoomEmbed
Joe Raymond, the Vice President of the product, said that the offline transactions eat a lot of precious time. With time, the practice has proved to be inconvenient.

The new Xoom app will allow the users to carry out the same things but in a novel and time efficient way.
Apart from the basic service of money transfer, the customers will be able to check the status of the transfer in real-time even as the bucks make their way to the desired destination.

The app also allows the users to check the fees, figure out the exchange rate, contact the customer services and have access to the links of the services offered by Xoom.

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