Sailfish OS 2.0 Intex Smartphone to Unveil at MWC Shanghai

Intex will soon launch its first ever Smartphone with Sailfish OS 2.0. The phone is scheduled to be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress to be held at Shanghai tomorrow. This will be a big move for the Indian manufacturer in the world of Smartphones.

Sailfish OS 2.0

With the launch of the newest gadget from Intex, it will add yet another Smartphone to the market. But more importantly, it is the Indian manufacturing house that is one of the major players in the industry now.

The name of the Smartphone is still unknown. It is likely that it will be revealed only during the MWC on July 16.

Launch & Availability

After the phone is unveiled with Sailfish OS 2.0, it will still some time before it hits the Indian market. It is expected that there will be leverage of ‘a few months’ before Indian users will be able to own this phone (though it comes from an Indian manufacturer).

The exact date of availability isn’t known yet. However, it is understood that the unnamed device is likely to be priced around Rs. 15,000.


Right now, what we know is that a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor will power the phone with Sailfish OS 2.0. However, there aren’t any more specifications available at the moment. The details will be made public during the Shanghai MWC tomorrow.

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International Launch Plans

Launch plans for Intex include Russia. As a matter of fact, Intex is seriously looking at Russia as a very healthy market. The reason is that Jolla – who are the creators of the Sailfish OS – are keen to look into Russia as a potential market.

Available Online

Reports are also doing the rounds that the Sailfish OS 2.0 operated phone is likely to be available on Snapdeal. There are no confirmed reports yet. But it looks like the Snapdeal exclusive device will soon be on the site as Jolla and Snapdeal have already signed a deal for the sake of promoting Sailfish OS in the local market.

A Bit about the OS

The USP of the Intex Smartphone is the Sailfish OS 2.0. Actually, the OS was also once in the news during the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this year. And now, this is going to be the improved and enhanced version of the operating system. The OS will have improved multi tasking along with a better user interface.

The Sailfish OS 2.0 will spell support for Intel architecture as well.

In one of the key decisions for Jolla, the company will split its software and hardware businesses. The thought behind this is to bring more partners under its license for the OS. Sailfish is being projected as a substitute to iOS and Android. However, the company hasn’t yet been able to make any considerable headway.

The Jolla Tablet too awaits shipping. The device was launched in November 2014 as a part of crowdfunding campaign. At the moment, all eyes are on tomorrow’s launch and Sailfish OS 2.0.

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