Invisible Television By Panasonic Makes Its Debut

Panasonic’s invisible television has made its entry and it is simply marvelous. Panasonic has taken technology to a whole new level, with this unique television. Find out more exclusive info here!

Invisible Television


A new revolution in the world of technology has just arrived. This invention is so unique that it will simply blow your minds away. At the CEATEC Electronics Expo event held in Japan, Panasonic announced the launch of its very first invisible television. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Panasonic has come up with an incredible television, which is nothing like your regular TV sets. Its a notch higher than the flat-screen TVs that adorn your homes. Curious to know what makes this television one-of-its-kind? Well, we’re here to put an end to this curiosity. Here’s everything that you need to know about this fantastic invention!

Panasonic’s invisible television is believed to be the “future of display screens”. This prototype looks like a normal television when switched on; but, when switched off, it appears as a big slab of glass. This entails that, one might not even know about its existence, unless the TV is in the ‘On’ mode. It would just look like a glass wall, on the outside. Now, isn’t that magical!

The core ingredient behind this unusual television, is the technology used in its manufacturing process. But sadly, we might not get to know about it, as the company has decided to stay mum on the matter. They are keeping this a secret, in the fear that competitors might use the info to their advantage. However, we still have some details to share, that is enough to satisfy your curiosity.

A member of Engadget named Mat Smith, shared some useful info on Panasonic’s invisible television. He told that the display screen of the television is made up of a fine mesh ingrained inside a glass panel. The panel is quite adjustable too. It can be slide around or adjusted according to the viewer’s height. This multipurpose television can easily be used as a slide cover for cabinets.

The screen of the Invisible Television is based on the latest OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. It consists of two electrodes, with a thin layer of plastic between them, placed above the glass panel. This technology makes the screen appear transparent, when the electric signals are gone. It takes up less power too, which is why the panels constructed are thin. Panasonic had earlier given a glimpse of this technology to customers at a CES event, in Las Vegas. However, the company believes that the technology used in the future versions of the Invisible Television will be much more advanced. They will make the television appear even more transparent when switched off, and much brighter when it is in the ‘On’ mode.

Panasonic is extremely happy with the end-results of the technology. In fact, it is certain that in future, this might inspire tech firms to create televisions with much more flexible OLED screens. There’s a bright chance that future televisions will have screens that can roll back or even bend; and the displays will be used for controlling other devices, playing music,etc.

Panasonic has high hopes with its latest invention. The invisible television has aroused the expectations of the users too. Unfortunately, they might not be able to grab this television so soon. They will have to wait for three years to lay their hands on it, as the company will officially release the Invisible Television sets into the market, at that time. Nothing to be sad about, viewers! You can catch a glimpse of this amazing television, from the video here! Happy Watching!


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