iOS 10.0.2 Brings in Cure for Earphones and Photos

iOS 10.0.2 enters the “Apple” world, bearing gifts for its users. It has come with a promise to make your earphones, photos and app extensions, ‘Bug-free’!

iOS 10.0.2

It has been a week since the official launch of Apple’s newest mobile operating systems, iOS 10. And, it is already here with a fresh update on this operating system. It has introduced the iOS 10.0.2 version to its users, which is an upgrade to the iOS 10.1 beta version. The iOS 10 has already got betas as mentioned here and that’s the why the iOS 10 shows an adoption rate of 15%. This advanced version has come with a ‘cure for fixing bugs’(which was found to be one of the prominent issues with the iOS 10 software), and other performance enhancements.iOS 10.0.2

Although, iOS 10 had lots of awesome features to offer, like the rehashed version of the Messages App with a full App Store, a new Lock Screen function, a Siri SDK especially for developers, a fresh look for Maps and Apple Music, etc. Yet, it came with its own set of bugs, which ‘bugged’ its users constantly. To solve this major issue, Apple came up with the iOS 10.0.2 version.

One of the major obstacles that iOS 10.0.2 decided to tackle was with the Lightning EarPods, that weren’t operating properly. Several customers had reported that the EarPods had stopped working after a short period of time, while they were listening to music. Many of them weren’t able to answer their calls, control the music volume or take Siri’s support. Apple has overcome this obstacle successfully through the iOS 10.0.2 version.

Another issue that the iOS 10 posed was the Photos section, that used to quit on its own, while the users tried to activate iCloud Photo Library on their phones. iOS 10.0.2 makes sure that whenever such disruption occurs, it is immediately taken care of. Some App Extensions that were otherwise disabled by the iOS 10 version, have also been fixed by this latest operating system.

Looking at the way Apple has taken control over the issues in such a short period of time, one can say that it is on its road to development. With the latest iOS version, they have proved their brilliance again!



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