iOS 10 Adoption Shows 15 percent Reach So Far

iOS 10 adoption tracking data reaches almost 15 percent. iOS 9 dropped down to 80.86 percent. Exciting features of iOS 10 seem to tempt people a lot.

iOS 10 Adoption


As per the tracking data on September 14, Apple iPhone iOS 10 adoption reaches 14.86%. On the other hand, reports were received from Analytic firm- Mixpanel. It stated that the use of iOS 9 came down to around 80.86% after a day before reach to 92.81%. However, may be due to the phone’s limitation or other reasons, 4.29% users of iOS are still sticking up to iOS 8 or even older versions. In 2015 around this time, iOS 9 had reached almost 12.6% iPhone users in just a day which was very identical to the 2014 iOS 8 reach. iOS 10 features were first announced at WWDC conference earlier this year.

At that time, it was only made available to the developers. Apple iOS 10 announced its arrival officially at the Apple Event held on 7th September. And, on 13th September it was rolled out to the company’s devices bringing out of beta. The GM version was then made available to the public.

Apple claims that iOS 10 is the biggest release of the company which offers exciting features. This may be the reason why people are getting attracted to the latest iOS release and thus the conversion rate going high. According to the current scenario, the two most prominent OS platforms are Android Nougat 7 and Apple iOS 10 and you can easily check out which is more convenient comparing with some features Both platforms got their latest iterations one after the other. There are lots of things on which you can compare the Android Nougat 7 and Apple iOS 10.

Both of them are top-notch OS platforms with exciting features. But it solely depends on what feature you are using and which is more comfortable and user-friendly for you. And it’s the features of the new Apple’s OS due to which the iOS 10 adoption rate goes up.

A lot of people might be using hardware sets which are more compatible. iOS 9 came up with easier over-the-air updates. This means that the installed apps can be deleted by the software to clear space and also restored after the upgrade.


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