iOS 10 Announced: Roll out to Apple Devices on September 13

Apple iOS 10 announced its arrival officially at the Apple event last night. And on September 13 it will officially visit the Apple devices, bringing it out of beta. The GM version is now out for the people.

iOS 10 Announced

iOS 10 announced

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 , it was evident that the company would come up with the latest official version of iOS. Apple iOS 10 announced to roll out on Apple devices on the 13th September. As of now, iOS 10 is now out of beta and the GM version has been made public. Apple claims iOS 10 to be the biggest release from the company. Initially, Apple announced about iOS 10 at WWDC conference this year. It was made available to the developers at that time. With the latest editions from the developers, it comes with a lot of exciting features. iOS 10 announced today at the Apple event is expected to bring a big change to the iOS devices.

iOS 10

Talking about the features, in the latest iOS 10 if all our devices have the same Apple account, then the content can be copied from one device to the other. It is done with the help of a new clipboard called Universal Clipboard. Also, to check the notifications and time we can lift the screen with light up and not the power button on iPhone. It is integrated with Siri making obvious that iOS 10 will have an improved and much more powerful Apple Virtual Assistant. Users will be able to a lot of things on Siri which is possible now with the big step taken by Apple. Apple has approved the third-party developers for integrating Siri with their apps.

iOS 10

Apple has also updated most of the stock apps on iPhone making it more user-friendly. iOS 10 comes with a 3D Touch which enables the users to reply on the notifications panel without even opening the app. iOS 10 GM version is ready for download on iPad and iPhone. It is basically for the developers to check the compatibility of the apps with iOS 10. But, the common masses can also download it and get an idea about iOS 10 announced at the Apple event. Go get the GM version before the full version finally rolls out in five days.

Don’t forget that the iPhone 7 is going to launch in India on September 26 at an estimated price of INR 63,000.


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