iOS 10 Features That will Blow Your Minds Away

Apple’s iOS 10 features are the talk of the town for all the right reasons. We are just waiting for the iOS 10 release date to become official and put the veils on the discussion to experiment things first hand.

iOS 10 Features

With the official iOS 10 release date drawing closer and closer, we are getting various hints and ideas about what’s new with the features of iOS 10 we will be getting once the version is launched. As always, the eye candy of the iOS is going to be Siri, but this time around, there are chances that some other features will grab our attention as well. Let us have a look at some of the features which iOS 10 users will be receiving once the new update is launched. Read on to find out more.

Now Siri’s in all Places

Apple will be launching the Siri SDK, as rumored for many months. The SDK version will allow developers to incorporate Apple’s unique UI into their developed applications as and when required. This particular announcement has opened up various opportunities for app developers from all over the world. Other than a handful of apps like OpenTable and Yelp, most third party applications are not compatible with Siri in a perfect manner, which naturally decreases the level of efficiency of any new iPhone. But with the new SDK modification, and with the ability of developers to incorporate Siri, the situation is bound to change once the new iOS is released and to know the iOS 10 release date officially.



Android users where holding their breath for the launch of the new iMessage, but since that did not materialize, Apple incorporated this wonderful chat app on the new iOS 10. If rumors are to be believed, then iMessage that’ll have rich links inline and the capability to compete with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Apple has previously launched various iOS integrated apps to serve various purposes like ordering food, paying bills, etc. But the incorporation of iMessage into the new iOS as a messaging platform would open the way for Apple to step into the IM sector.

Apple News Rethink

Apple News was already one of the most popular iOS 10 features on the previous versions of iOS, with the home screen of the app providing a variety of news stories pertaining to different fields or sectors. But the app reaches perfection on the news iOS 10, as Apple launches the all new Apple News Rethink that allows for users to read complete news articles, as well as subscribe to any breaking news being published. This app is going to be a fine replacement for anyone who has used the Newsstand app earlier, before it shut down.

More Responsive Notifications

Apple has made it a point to display all notifications on your iPhone screen even when the screen is locked with Touch ID. These new responsive notifications make it sure that you can check all your notifications on your locked screen and act or respond accordingly, as and when needed. This feature is going to be particularly useful for those who have turned the pop up notification of WhatsApp on, as they will be able to reply to the message even from their locked screen.


Phone Fun

Continuing with the iOS 10 features, the Phone app on the new iOS 10 is going to be quite an interesting update, as it will incorporate numerous cool features that make the app easy and fun to use, as well as make the voicemail feature easy to access.

Siri Helps You Type

Boost in your typing will surely be seen as Apple has selected Siri as its QuickType keyboard. This new stunning keyboard has been given the contextual awareness thus helping you in many ways. It enhances the smart reply feature. More quick and improved suggestions help the users more than before. Siri can also reply for you. For instance, Siri gives a smart reply for you of your location in no time.


Apple has finally decided to turn HomeKit into an app. This new Home app allows the users to control their smart home gadgets which having compatible apps. Home automation really seems to help, since only few features are introduced so nothing more to say.

Hide the Junk

This feature was not declared enthusiastically in the keynotes of WWDC on Monday. Apple, in its new iOS 10 has decided to provide a junk folder, called Apple Junk. Now users can easily remove many pre-installed apps like Calculator, Music and Tips and avoid wastage of space on their devices. This new Apple Junk folder seems pretty much promising.

Though we have talked a lot about the iOS 10 features, we still need to know the iOS 10 release date from the horse’s mouth. We will keep you posted about the latest here. Stay tuned.


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