iOS 11 to come with new Apple Maps Update for its Users

With every iOS update, Apple makes sure to include some really interesting features along. With the launch of iOS 11, there is an interesting Apple Maps update in the kitty.

Apple Maps update

Apple Maps update
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The updated version of the new Apple Maps update will guide you everywhere you go, be it an airport or a mall. In case, you are a musicaholic, you should subscribe to Apple’s another free buy for around 3 months. You can enjoy unlimited music for straight 3 months.

Things to know about this new update

This latest update will feature detailed floor plans of airports and malls to prevent you from losing your way. The app will also feature airport security locations, which will make your travel hassle free. We all know that Apple keeps on upgrading its software from time to time for offering complete safety to the users, and last month, it had updated its features to tighten the security and safety measures of its users.

Supreme Feature

The best feature that stands out of all is the lane change feature. The new update will notify when to change lane and will also keep you updated about which lane you should drive for optimized travelling.

Isn’t the new Apple maps update cool? Tell us what you think about this quirky update below in the comments.


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