iOS 7 Bug Can Disable Find My iPhone Without Password

An iOS 7 bug has been found out as such bugs are pretty common in software programs in the initial stages. The Find My iPhone can be disabled even without a password. Though it is not difficult fighting the bugs, they can create issues if not handled within time.

As a matter of fact, users need to enter the password of the ID before the Find My iPhone can be disabled. This feature makes sure that no one can steal the phone and switch the method off for finding it.

But according to a report in 9to5mac, it is easy to bypass the security feature. A video shows the tipster going through a step-by-step route and disables the Find My iPhone and then goes on to delete an iCloud account.

The process looks actually pretty simple. And it is so simple one just needs to reach the settings menu. When you reach that point, navigate to iCloud settings and disable Find My iPhone at the same time. Then tap ‘delete account’.

Then you will be prompted for a password. At this point, just reboot the gadget. Repeating the process can delete the account. In other words, it means a new account can be created on this phone and you will hardly ever notice that.Apple Logo

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Apple is working towards solving the bug. The company is putting stress on having a passcode for the phone. If you own an iPhone 5S, the use of TouchID sensor for unlocking the iPhone is also one of the ways out.

The US-based company had brought out iOS 7.0.6 update for fixing the SSL security flaws. That was a bug that made it possible for communication like emails to be left in the open for hacking if there was a unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

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