iOS 8 Screenshot Shows New Apps, Layout and iWatch

The purported iOS 8 screenshot, in the new images, shows new apps as well as layout and also possibly hint at an iWatch. The screenshot shows the next version of the iOS 8 update.

The image shows the alternations in the UI interface as well as some new apps. The screenshot that shows the home page will be seen in the iOS 8 image and will most probably run on the next model of the Apple product. That could be the iPhone 6 or any model of the same handset.

The alleged image shows that the iOS 8 will have 5 X 7 app grid. This will be bigger than the 4 X 6 grid on the iOS 7. The image resolution will be 1600 X 966. And it must be mentioned that this resolution hasn’t been seen in any Apple device as yet.

iOS 8 screenshot
Image: NDTV Gadgets

According to Phonearena, the resolution will have pixel density of at least 400ppi on 4.7-inch display and have an aspect ratio of 16:10.

That’s not all. There are some new apps to be seen on the home screen. Healthbook that we had reported to you about is also there along with Watch Utility and CarPlay. There have been official talks about CarPlay from Apple before this.

The Watch Utility app is associated with Apple’s iWatch. However, there isn’t any official word from Apple yet. There is no information regarding it from the alleged screenshot either. The Preview and TextEdit apps were spotted in the iOS 8 image. However, it is missing from this screenshot.

There is no authentic source of these leaked images. So, it is hard to say if these leaks are really going to matter, at least now.

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