iOS 8 vs iOS 9: It’s all About New Features

iOS 8 vs iOS 9 – it’s a war of dishing out something new to the users. There is a lot of talk about the iOS 9 – the latest operating system version from the house of Apple. We have discussed the iOS 9 top features in this blog post already.

Here is the post, where you can have a look at the iOS 9 top features

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However, this short post takes a quick look at the top 10 features of the iOS 9. Features are mentioned in a nutshell, so it will give you a good idea between iOS 8 vs iOS 9.

Decide for yourself which iOS version you found the better of the two.


Comparison of iOS 8 and iOS 9 Features




Reactive Proactive – Answer to Google Now
No battery saving mode Low power mode for more battery saving
Not much for iPads Exclusive iPad-only features like picture-in-picture
App Switching
Difficult to see running apps App preview like staked cards
No major changes in this OS version Major change with public transit data
Spotlight (Search)
No option to see videos in search results Can see videos in search results; And can be played without having to leave the search screen
Apple Pay
Attuned to a limited bank card in the US Extended support with more providers like Discover; Available in UK
Free Space Galore
The OTA version needed 4.8GB of download and Apple to think of a solution to reduce disk space Just needs 1.3GB of space when downloading – an improvement of 3.5GB
Latest Software Everywhere
Hard to update for the previously released devices iOS 9 will be available for iPad 2 and above and iPhone 4S and above
Free Upgrade
Possibly in September preceded by public beta in July

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Ready to go for iOS 9

Well, the comparison between iOS 8 vs iOS 9 should indeed let you know that the iOS 9 is a well-developed and ironed out version of the OS. At least, at this stage, it looks to have an edge over the iOS 8.

The public beta will be made available by Apple – the first in their history of iOS. This will give more exposure to the OS and help in ironing things out and getting rid of bugs faster.

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