iOS 9 Top Features: The Best of Apple’s Latest Software

The newly introduced iOS 9 top features will make Apple’s latest software a brand apart. At least, it is certainly much more improved than its predecessors. As a matter of fact, the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 was itself focused on enhancing the software performance.

iOS 9 Top Features

These new features will take the iOS 9, to be rolled out later in the year, to new levels. We will take a look at the five iOS 9 top features.

Apple Pay

Apple is hoping to expand their mobile payment system – Apple Pay – will support not less than one million locations by the next month. Apple Pay will be expanding in the United Kingdom as well, where it will target 250,000 locations. This figure is more than the number of locations that Apple Pay supports in the United States itself.


The question isn’t only about expanding the locations. The US-based company is also looking to expand the kinds of cards it will support. Apple Pay will also see store debit and credit card support as well as loyalty cards. For example, the loyalty card for a certain store will surface on its own on the iPhone.

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Enhanced Battery Life

Another of the iOS 9 top features will be the enhanced battery life, an under-the-hood improvement. So, what Apple tells you is at least one hour of more battery usage once you have installed the iOS 9 on your device.

When it comes to power management and conservation, how can one forget the example of Apple Watch? The low-power mode will help in saving more battery power. According to Apple, there will be at least three hours more of battery usage available. This is managed by immobilizing the features that consume more battery. They are activated once the battery is charged back.

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This makes it one of the best iOS 9 top features around.

iPad’s More Of A Multitasking Device

One of the best iOS 9 top features is the ability to make your favorite iPad a multitasking device.  The latest new features of Apple’s new and advanced software should bring a wave of enthusiasm in iPad users. Specifically speaking, the new feature will allow iPad users to run two apps simultaneously.

The apps can be run side by side. Apart from this, an app switcher will allow users to get a full screen preview of the apps as well.

Craig Federighi streamed a video from WatchESPN. He could shrink it to a moveable and resizable window, which allowed him to work with other apps or even write an email.

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Maps with Public Transit

Apple Maps certainly wasn’t the iOS 9 top features. Actually, Maps were introduced by Apple only in iOS 6. It least needs a mention that Maps weren’t the apple of Apple’s eyes. The ensuing versions of the app were just to make up for the bygone mistakes.

Now, in the era of iOS 9, Apple will see the Maps with a huge overhaul. The new feature in the app is the addition of public transit info.

Apple is obviously making more efforts to make this one of the iOS 9 top features by adding more to this version of the app. The new version has multimodal routing. This is inclusive of a variety of transit times as well as builds walking timings.

The timings have been worked out as Apple physically mapped larger public transit stations. One of them included the Columbus Circle station.

Siri is Smarter Too

An Apple device won’t be (and can’t be) termed as intelligent and smart if there are no improvements in Siri. The look, you will notice is more like an Apple Watch. You can ‘order’ Siri to show up your vacation images, and Siri will oblige obediently.


So, why Siri will oblige is because Apple has given a good dose of boost to the reminder potential. You can ask it to remind you of messages, your favorite sites, and read your emails at a date you specify.

Apple speaks of Siri being faster than before. However, it needs to be better too. In the meantime, Apple claims that they the word error rate has been brought down by 40%. The updated Siri is likely to serve more context-based answers than before.

How to Grab iOS 9

Any OS version generally becomes first available for the developers in the beta form. Only when the full working version of the operating system is rolled out, the common users can get it. However, this time around Apple has something new and for the first time.

Apple will roll out a public beta of the iOS update. This is expected to arrive in the next month.

The new OS version will be a free one available in fall.

We will keep you updated about the update. Stay tuned!

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