Make animated GIFs with iOS app the Lytro Camera

Now making animated GIFs have become easy with an iOS app the Lytro camera. The new app for iOS broadcasts the images from the camera directly to your Apple gadget. And from here on, the images can be shared on social networking sites or can also be emailed.

But the real fun is in the feature of animated GIFs. The animation that you create can be shared on social sites or through email. You can also save it on the role of your camera. The apps are totally free and also the update of its firmware. It can unlock the Wi-Fi actions of Lytro.

The form factor of the Lytro camera has remained static ever since it got launched a couple of years back. However, the firmware has got updated. The release of the iOS app, as well as the update for the device, will bring the platform closer to having a healthy competition with other products like Cinemagram or Instagram.
In the coming days, there will be healthier features that will get introduced for the app. The social features of the app are pretty undeveloped still and need to have the sharpness that’s missing.

At the moment, it can present the pictures that a user shares, popular photos as well as latest uploads the other Lytro members have done. The downside is that you won’t be able to follow the Lytro-owning pals and neither can you add their pictures to your feed. You will be able to search the stuff using the screen name, but there’s hardly you can do apart from that.

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