The New iPhone 5S is Flashy – But is It That Much of an Upgrade?


Guest post by: Ezra Melino

Let’s take a better look at the 5S’s debatably new design features, right down to its fancy new fingerprint reader.

Sure, the iPhone 5S basically looks like the iPhone 5, but really it’s much more than that. Or is it? There has been a lot of debate as to if Apple is really pulling something off by apparently upgrading a previous phone model in slight ways and simply adding an ‘S’ or another consonant to the end. It’s true that the new model bears many of the hallmarks of its former self, the iPhone 5, but that’s not to say that this phone is still worthily different in its own right.

Concerning the design of the iPhone 5S, it’s frankly an iPhone 5 through and through featuring the entirely aluminum and glass chassis, and it’s still as fragile as the iPhone 5, too, so a case will yet again be a necessity for the 5S. The new color options, however, will possibly lend to concealing those likely procured scuffmarks and scratches with shades of space grey or champagne, for example. Perhaps a more striking new feature to the design of the iPhone 5S is its weight.

The 5S has an impressive hand-feel with its meager 112g mass and slim 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm dimension, all without leaving the owner feeling as if he or she has purchased something cheap or flimsy. By comparison, the 5S really is leaps ahead in the race when running alongside phones like the LG G2 or the Galaxy S4, yet still a few feet behind the One Mini or the HTC One.

The edges of the 5S are somewhat sharper than most other smartphones out there, but a more interesting note to discuss is the newly designed ‘home button’ on the iPhone 5S. This doesn’t necessarily sound like a worthwhile or dramatic change, but when considering how renowned the Apple home button has become, the impressive new visual aspect of a now square-less button with a fancy new silver ringed key truly adds a heightened, classier aesthetic appeal, but here’s the kicker as to why: this new button now acts as the phone’s fingerprint scanner, an aspect of Apple’s new-fangled Touch ID technology thanks to Apples two biometric security firms.

There’s still a bit of a dud aspect to this new home button, however, and it’s due to the weird fact that the home button continues to possess that loose, odd little rattle. This seems like an easy manufacturing flaw to rectify, but I guess you can’t win them all.

So what’s the scoop overall? Well, it could presumably be stated as true that the new iPhone 5S is indeed the best iPhone from Apple to date, but the ‘S’ does seem to carry a bit of a sour taste for smartphone seekers that are truly wanting something ground breaking and new – that not being the 5S. Sure, the advancements of the 5S are scant, but the ones that are there do carry notable value. Its 64 bit apps will surely blast the user experience to new heights, and the A7 processor offers more than enough power with the iOS 7 packing a powerful core to round out the internals.

The 5S features an improved camera capable of capturing some very impressive shots, and its Touch ID sensor is the gem that sets this model apart from the rest, cut and dry. It shouldn’t be surprising that the pricing for the new iPhone 5S is a bit high granted there’s really a good deal to enjoy about this new, though familiar looking, iPhone.

Ezra Melino is an all-around-geek turned serious blogger out of North Carolina who not-so-secretly relishes an in-print love affair with everything from technology and multimedia entertainment to film and dish TV packages. Specifically, his blog,, is a tech blog that is devoted to exploring new technological developments all around the world.

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