The iPhone 6 will come with 10MP camera

The rumors about the iPhone 6 are adrift and there are many of them. We still don’t know if it is a rumor, but the iPhone 6 will come with 10MP camera along with swappable lenses.

The iPhone is expected to carry a camera that will in fact be more than 10MP and will have a wide f/1.8 aperture. There will also be swappable resin lenses. These developments have been known from a post from JD, which is an online retailer. They in turn have got the information from the chain of Apple supplier from Taiwan.

The company has before now got a patent for the swappable lenses will be manufactured by a Japanese company, JSR. These are the lenses that will come with transparent resin. This invention is being tagged as ARTON. This is much better than the optical features and will also be highly heat resistant.

According to the patents of the company, the Apple product will come with a solar panel touch sensor. It was exactly one year ago, in February 2013 that Apple had filed for a patent that was inclusive of touch sensor use as well as that of solar panel.

Though the patent has been filed one year ago, there were no details available on how the technology will work. But there was a supplementary patent cleared the air around it. It mentioned that there was power management system in place that source the energy from the solar panels.

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