iphone 6 To Come With 389ppi Ultra-Retina Display

The iPhone 6 may be built with 389ppi Ultra-Retina display, according to reports. However, these are the latest rumors that have surfaced regarding the new Apple device in the wings.

The reports are also speaking about the device being a pretty slim one at 5.59mm thickness. The reports also speak of a higher and more powerful processor for the iPhone 6. The source of the rumors has been known to be Sonny Dickson.

Sonny Dickson is a teenager from Australia, whose name suddenly surfaced in the world of mobile handsets during the release of the iPhone 5S. The leaks from this Aussie guy turned out to be largely accurate.iPhone 6

Dickson had tweeted that “iPhone 6 will be 0.22 inches thick #JustSaying.” And according to the rumors, it is 5.59mm – that is nearly 0.04mm thicker than that of the Gionee Elife S5.5, which is being termed as the slimmest handset in the world as of now.

That wasn’t the end of Dickson’s predictions. He had said that there will be Ultra-Retina screen packed with the device and would have 389 pixels per inch (ppi). He also mentioned the chipset. According to his tweet, “The new Apple A8 processor will run at 2.6GHz #JustSaying.”

Another of Dickson’s tweets read, “These specs could be the real thing #JustSaying.” And now as the leaks and rumors have started doing the rounds, it remains to be seen how near Dickson’s predictions come to the exact specifications and features.

Some other leaks specify that the latest iPhone may arrive with the bezel-free display. Another rumor said that the iPhone 6 will be built with 10MP camera, while the other said that the iPhone 6 will have FullHD Retina display.

It remains to be seen how the exact model gets launched and how much truth there is in the rumors. Keep your fingers crossed for the real deal.

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