iPhone 6 app 3DAround Allows You To Take 3D Images

Now, an iPhone 6 app 3DAround, a new app for Apple’s iPhone device will allow you to take pictures in 3D. That’s not all. You can even take 360 degree images with the help of this app as well. This must certainly be good news for photography lovers who like to use their iPhone 6 devices for the same.

iPhone 6 App 3DAround

As the title suggests, you can take pictures in 360 degrees of any object. The same then can be showcased as 3D images. All this is possible due to the iPhone 6 app 3DAround, dedicated exclusively to photography.

It least requires the mention that the app is totally free. But, there’s one catch. The app can be run only on the iPhone 6 device as it has been fully developed for this handset. Moreover, you have to have the iOS 8 OS running on your iPhone 6.

Developers of the 3DAround App

The credit for developing the 3DAround app goes to Dacuda, which happens to be a software company from Switzerland. The company’s concept behind developing the app was to use it for food photography and to click mouth watering 3D images of the foodstuff. However, it least needs to be said that it will be used for other purposes too. So, you can capture any image in 3D with the iPhone 6 app 3DAround.


As far as the app is concerned, it can capture the structure of the image as well as the depth, giving a pretty realistic view to the users. So, when the pictures of food are clicked, it gives a virtual ‘treat’ to the users to satiate their ‘hunger’.

Technology Used in the App

The 3DAround app makes use of the SLAM Scan 3D technology developed by Dacuda. SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. Of course, the iPhone’s camera comes into play when using this technology in the iphone 6 app 3DAround. The image is shot from various angles from the camera. The same is then combined in just a single image with a virtual 3D effect.

The app uses the accelerometer of the iPhone. So, just even by tilting the device, the picture shifts and gives the view of the surroundings as well as that of the object. So, does this remind you of the HTC One M8 and its dual cameras?

So, now you may be thinking of downloading the iPhone 6 app 3DAround. However, like the traditional way of downloading the apps from iTunes, this app cannot be grabbed this way. You will have to download the TestFlight app before proceeding to download it on the iPhone 6.

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