iPhone 6 Clone the GooPhone i6 to enter the markets

iPhone 6 clone – the GooPhone i6 has been announced by GooPhone. For those of you who do not know about GooPhone, it is a handset manufacturer from China and is famously known for making clones of popular and flagship Smartphones of other companies.

The iPhone 6 Clone

Apple had previously announced that the next version of its iPhones would be released in the month of September. However, an update later brought it to the notice that the US-based company would not be able to release the phones this year.

But, that does not mean anything to GooPhone. They have went ahead announced their very own versions of the iPhone 6 clones.

Previous Clones by GooPhone

The Chinese handset (clone) maker had earlier brought out phones like GooPhone M8, which was the clone of HTC One M8 and then the GooPhone S5. The GooPhone S5 was the clone of the popular Samsung Galaxy S5. Another Apple product – the iPhone 5s, was also on the list of GooPhone when it released the GooPhone i5S.

iPhone 6 clone

New Smartphone news from Gizchina says that GooPhone has announced the iPhone 6 clone. What’s more, unlike Apple GooPhone does not see any problem in releasing the Smartphone this year itself. The release date of the iPhone 6 clone will be August 1.

Clone of the 4.7-inch Screen Device

Currently there are talks of GooPhone launching the clone of only the 4.7-inch screen device. Apple is going to release two variants – the 4.7-inch screen and the 5.5-inch screen device. This means as of now, GooPhone will be bringing out the clone of only one variant.

The company’s site has listed some specs of the device. The gadget has IPS qHD display along with a MediaTek (MT6582) processor. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB ROM.

The camera in the iPhone 6 clone has 13MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera.

There is another iPhone 6 clone known as Wico i6. The new clone has come forward through a video by Jacky Zou. The video was seen on Nowhereelse. The video shows the design, which is based on the previous leaks.

Stay tuned for more news on iPhone 6 clone. There’s always something exciting about such leaks.

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